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We’ll start off by being honest with how this business works. As the client you would like to receive the best price possible, and have the drives tinkered with as little as possible. If you call up a company advertising RAID data recovery, and ask a few simple questions to determine if they would outsource your drive to another company this will save you money and potentially catastrophic results to your data from inexperienced technicians tinkering with your drives.




1.  Ask questions.  Ask if they do the recoveries on-site or if they ship them to another company.  Ask if they have a clean room at their location.  If they say yes, ask if you can stop by and see it when you bring the drives.  If you avoid the middle-man then you avoid the costs associated with him.

2.  Avoid the flat rate and no charge diagnostic gimmicks.  No reputable company will offer these options without knowing what they will be dealing with.

3.  Don’t take our word for it.  Look up reviews on the internet, ask for references that you can email, anything that would back up that the company can back up what they are offering.

You will only ever receive honest answers to your questions with Tri-State Data Recovery. Our quote will always remain firm!