Philadelphia HP RAID Data Recovery Services

HP RAID Data Recovery.

Tri-State Data Recovery specializes in all types of HP servers including Proliant, MediaSmart, and DataVault servers. We have experience with all types of drives and RAID configurations that HP uses like SCSI, SAS, SATA, and EIDE hard drives. We have experience with all different arrays used with HP Smart Array controllers.

RAID 5 is very common in the Proliant servers.

What You Should Do If Your HP Server Fails

What should you do if your HP RAID fails

If you’re located in the Philadelphia area call us to schedule an appointment to bring in your HP drives for recovery or visit the shipping page for instructions on shipping the drives to us.

HP Servers we’ve recovered data from…

  • HP Proliant series
  • Intgrity Series
  • HP DataVault Series