Philadelphia RAID 50 Data Recovery Services

RAID 5 striping.

RAID 50 is a solid choice for your RAID array. It combines the performance of RAID 5 to be striped increasing performance and capacity without adding disks to each RAID 5 array. The great thing about RAID 50 is you will still get the redundancy in each RAID set as only one drive is needed for parity, no matter the amount of disks you choose to use the each array. This is great for performance and disk space, but remember it only allows one drive failure. The more drives you have in the array the more risk you are at disk failures if not properly monitored.

Although RAID 50 has many benefits with performance and it can tolerate a single drive failure in each array, a second drive failure will bring the entire array down.

RAID 50 data recovery can be very difficult since every failed drive needs to first be repaired. The correct order is needed, block size, offset, and which drive failed first must be determined with hex.

What You Should Do If Your RAID 50 Fails

What should you do if your RAID fails

If you’re located in the Philadelphia area call us to schedule an appointment to bring in your RAID 50 drives for recovery or visit the shipping page for instructions on shipping the drives to us.

RAID 50 is appropriate for…

  • Small business servers
  • Performance and Redundancy
  • Operating systems