RAID 6 Data Recovery Services

RAID 6 “an extension of RAID 5”.

Theoretically RAID 6 can support the loss of 2 drive failures and still be recoverable. RAID 6 provides additional fault tolerance by using a second parity process. RAID 6 is also much more complex than RAID 5 because it has no common standard and with two parity functions there could be several layout variations. Even though RAID 6 should be recoverable with two disks missing, sometimes only one disk can be missing or even none at all depending on which controller hardware is used.

RAID 6 failures usually occur from a controller or server failure but two drives failing can bring down the array as well.

RAID 6 data recovery can be very difficult since every failed drive needs to first be repaired. The correct order is needed, block size, offset, and which drive failed first must be determined with hex.

What You Should Do If Your RAID 6 Fails

What should you do if your RAID fails

If you’re located in the Philadelphia area call us to schedule an appointment to bring in your RAID 6 drives for recovery or visit the shipping page for instructions on shipping the drives to us.

RAID 6 is appropriate for…

  • Small business servers
  • Redundancy
  • Operating systems