Philadelphia Western Digital NAS Data Recovery Services

Western Digital NAS RAID Data Recovery.

NAS units are nothing more than file servers that provide a shared location for your data spread out over your local area network. They can be simple 2 drive Western Digital MyBook Live Duo units, or more complex 4 drive Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 storage servers configured in RAID 5.

Western Digital NAS units are normally configured in RAID 0, 1, or 5 arrays. Depending on how you configured your NAS it may only be able to tolerate one drive failure or even none at all.

Because Western Digital NAS units can be configured using different RAID arrays they could become very complex to recover.

Tri-State Data Recovery has successfully recovered from many Western Digital RAID configurations.

What You Should Do If Your Western Digital NAS Fails

What should you do if your RAID fails

If you’re located in the Philadelphia area call us to schedule an appointment to bring in your Western Digital NAS drives for recovery or visit the shipping page for instructions on shipping the drives to us.

Western Digital NAS is appropriate for…

  • Home networks
  • Shared storage space
  • Backup and Redundancy